Hello! I am a Research Scientist at the MIT Kavli Institute, working with the LIGO Lab, and the A3D3 Institute.

I work on gravitational-wave astronomy and astrophysics. My research is on the emerging field of multi-messenger astronomy with gravitational waves. I am interested in studying the mergers of compact object like black holes and neutron stars. They can tell us a lot, from fundamental physics to cosmology, when observed from multiple angles like gravitational waves, visible and infrared light, and high-energy radiation like gamma rays and neutrinos. However, their joint observation and data analysis is a challenge for the community today. Apart from physics, my research made me interested in high-performance computing, bayesian analysis, machine-learning, and DevOps technologies.

I love math, and its application in the physics of the big and small, ranging from everyday life to celestial. While my work is in astrophysics, I am curious about other fields of physics. If there is an interesting class/lecture offered, I take it if time permits. Before joining MIT, I was a Survey Science postdoctoral fellow at CAPS, NCSA, U. Illinois, where I worked with the Rubin Observatory. I obtained my Ph.D. in physics at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, where I worked with the LIGO group at CGCA. Before that I did my integrated BS-MS in physics from Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Kolkata.

I am from Kolkata, native Bengali speaker, fluent in English and Hindi. I follow a small amount of Spanish (work in progress). Apart from work, I love listening to music, play guitar, and sing along. I also like to read, cook, and travel.

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